The objective is to use artificial neural networks to create a handwriting analyzer that can be trained to identify the writer of specific handwriting samples.


  • Created a sample neural network

  • Conducted research into neural networks

  • Looking into k-nearest-neighbor clustering to perform statistical analysis on handwriting samples




Aditya Prasad
Anubhav Suri
Ashley Wang


We are a group of students from Princeton High School with great interest in computer science and research hoping to apply our learning to real-life applications.



Week 2 Progress: https://goo.gl/qrXQWM​

  • Implemented a neural network to determine the XOR of two-values using back-propagation

Week 3 Progress: https://goo.gl/5JEr5c

  • Processing images to create a neural network that uses input from pixel gray-scale values

  • Implemented neural networks to recognize handwritten digits

  • Started numerically analyzing handwriting attributes to implement k-nearest-neighbor

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